Madhira      Ex Counselor

Khammam  Telangana

Raithu Bandhu Town Convener


Mulakalapally.Vinay Kumar was born on August 16, 1961 in Madhira, Khammam district of joint Andhra Pradesh.
Vinay Kumar was an active member of the T.D.P. party from its inception till 2014.

Vinay Kumar Mulakalapally was born on 16 August 1961 in Mathira to Parthasarathy and Yashodamma.
Vinay Kumar continued his education from 1st class to Intermediate.
Vinay Kumar studied from Class 1 to Class 8 in Madhira Government High School (C.P.S) from 1234 to 1234 and then from Government Junior College from 8 to 10 from 1234 to 1234 and then from 1234 to 1234 in Government Junior College Madhira till Intermediate.
Vinay Kumar completed I.T.I in 1990 in Government I.T.I kothagudem.
Born into a complete farming family, Vinay Kumar dropped out of I.T.I after +2 and was passionate about agriculture and closely supervised the management of their crops.
Vinay Kumar married Shailaja on October 30, 1992 and has one son.

Mulakalapally.Vinay Kumar
Born: 16 – 08 – 61 Madhira
Father: Pardhasaradhi
Mother: Yashodamma
Education: Intermediate and I.T.I.
Political Affiliation: T.D.P 1983 to 2014
Another Political Affiliation: T.R.S 2014 to Present
Spouse: Sailaja 1992 Oct 30
Children: 1 Naga Gopi Manikanta (son)

Vinay Kumar was attracted to the Telugu Desam Party policies founded by the N.T.R in 1983 and served as a regular activist in the Telugu Desam Party from 1983 until 2014.
T.D.P contested and won from the 15th ward as a party candidate in the 2014 municipal elections after switching from Madhira city panchayat to municipality.
He later joined the T.R.S party from T.D.P.
During their tenure, Vinay Kumar did a lot of development work in the 15th ward.
The 15th Ward has made every inconsistency available to the people and solved every problem in that ward.
During Vinay Kumar’s tenure, he worked on the construction of cement roads and drainages in the 15th ward.
The sanitation problem was not seen in the 15th ward during Vinay Kumar’s tenure.
The development in the 15th ward, which was represented by Vinay Kumar till the end of the tenure of the Madhira Municipality governing body in 2014, did not take place in any other ward under Madhira Municipality.
In the 2019 municipal elections, Vinay Kumar, who left his sitting seat in the 15th ward and contested in the 17th ward as per the party order, lost by a narrow margin.
Undeterred by the defeat, Vinay Kumar is always sticking to his ward people and doing his part to help solve their problems.
Currently the T.R.S Party is ambitiously implementing the Raitubandhu Scheme to ensure that every eligible farmer in Madhira urban area
Vinay Kumar continues his services as the town convener of the Raitubandhu scheme.