Kona Dhani Kumar



  • Kona.Dhani Kumar
  • Madhira, Municipal Councilor
  • Khammam District Telangana
  • Member, Indian National Congress Party(CONGRESS-I)
  • Kona Dhanikumar was born on 16-11-1973 in Tiruvur, Krishna district,Andhra Pradesh.


Kona.Dhanikumar Municipal Councilor. Indian National Congress Party Khammam District Leader, Madhira, Telangana. Kona Dhanikumar was born on 16 November 1973 in Tiruvur, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh to the late Kona Jagannath Rao and Savitri,Kona Dhani attended Government High School (C.P.S.),and later went to Government Junior College,to complete his S.S.C., In Madhira, from 1978 to 1988 Which Is His hometown,Later Dhani Kumar Unable to continue studies because to continue his family business. Dhanikumar married Sucharitha in 1997,and they have two children.

Kona Dhani Kumar

Born :16-11-1973 (Tiruvur,Krishna District Andhra Pradesh) Father:Kona.Jagannadham Mother:Savitri Education:S.S.L.C. Political affiliation:Indian National Congress (Cong-I) Spouse:Sucharita (Ex- 14th ward Madhira Municipal counsiler 2014-2019) Children: Rohith (son) Reethika(Daughter)


Kona Dhanikumar was the first from the business sector to contest and win the Aryavaishya Sangham elections in 2012 as the President of the Aryavaishya Sangham in Madhira town.As the town president of Aryavaishya Sangham Madhira from 2012 to 2014 he worked for the welfare of the Aryavaishyas for the betterment of the Aryavaishya Sangham.Dhanikumar Wife  Sucharitha was the 14th Ward candidate in the Madhira Nagar Panchayat elections in 2014. Dhanikumar Plays a Key Role in securing a landslide victory over senior C.P.M. party leader Katta Gandhi’s Wife.In The 14th Ward Kona Couple worked hard for better facilities for the people as well as for the development of the ward during their term.Dhanikumar was elected President of the Madhira Bullion Merchants’ Association in 2015.He succeeded in solving the problems of the bullion merchants. In the 2019 Madhira municipal elections Kona Dhanikumar won a landslide victory, over T.R.S. Party candidate, Madhira Narayana Educational Institutions Chairman   BonagiriNarayana Rao,. As the 15th Ward Councilor, he undertook various development works in the ward with his own funds. Apart from politics, the Kona dhanikumar Sucharitha couple has also established themselves in the minds of the people by conducting various social service programs.

Address Main Road, Madhira, Khammam District, Telangana

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